Looking For a New Casino Hotel?

The Saratoga NY Casino Hotel is located in Saratoga County, New York. It was built in 2020 and is a seven-story, four story and three-story hotel complex. It has seen many high profile events and is one of the most visited Casino Hotels in the State of New York.

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The Casino Hotel is on the Amusement Park side of the river, which also includes the Fireworks Park. The Amusement Park side is a beautiful park that has an assortment of classic carousel rides, a petting zoo, as well as an interactive water slide. It is sure to please any age group and is a must see for everyone.

Located between Saratoga Springs, the Fireworks Park offers a variety of activities including a carousel, river rafting, jet skiing, a water-skiing circuit, as well as nature trails and beaches. While there, be sure to visit the Turtle Pond Wildlife Center, which is the best way to enjoy all that Saratoga NY has to offer. Not only is it a great place to visit but it is also home to many of the city’s resident wildlife, including the Saratoga Mallard and the Buffalo Zebra.

Another attraction at the Casino Hotel is the Saratoga Casino that offers full service gambling and dining. Located at the north end of the Casino Hotel, the Casino offers gaming, dining, casino games, live entertainment, drinks, billiards, and more. Children are welcome during the casino hours and can play the slot machines while parents can gamble and enjoy the game.

Of course, if you are planning a night out with friends or family, you will want to visit the Casino as well. Here you can play slots, table games, and roulette. And, if you are feeling like dancing, there is a live jazz band performing at the Casino as well.

While your evening out at the Casino is happening, you can find other entertainment venues as well. There are a full-service sports bar as well as a full-service restaurant that caters to the non-gambling guests. If the night is ending up being a slow one, you can always take a bite to eat at the hot dog stand located next to the Casino Bar.

For those who do not want to just hit the gambling but would like to have a little fun as well, you can always take in the Casino Club or experience the newest shows at the Saratoga Theater. As for dinner, you can make your reservations at the Restaurant on the Beach which is located at the south end of the Casino Hotel. When you are done gambling all day, make sure to stop by to visit the Restaurant on the Beach, where you can sit back and enjoy some tasty meals.